NFT-powered customer loyalty management

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About perkmint

Loyalty programmes LTV extension

Successful loyalty and membership programmes bring about long-term value rather than fleeting short-term gains. Traditional ways of calculating lifetime value is to associated it with a single customer.

To extend the LTV of these programmes beyond a single customer, you can adapt your current programmes by allowing them to be transferable to other new or current customers through perkmint's use of NFTs.

Cutting edge
New value propositions are constantly being created for NFT workflows.
Built-in uniqueness
NFTs are unique publicly verifiable ownership claims for each claimant.
Digital first
Leap from traditional top-down practices to an evolving decentralised economy.
Optional transference
Having tradeable qualities allows NFT holders to not feel locked into a programme.

Feature highlights

All-in-one platform

perkmint has your needs covered, such as just wanting to issue NFTs for your ecommerce product sales, allocating membership access through tiered NFT ownership or providing a seamless decentralised NFT loyalty program.
These examples are just a few illustrative ways of incorporating NFTs into your value propositions.

Self-service customer portal
Give your new and returning customers direct access to claim and management their rewards and entitlments
NFT issuance
Issue different NFTs based on product purchase, membership based cycles or other parameters.
NFT management
Track and trace the claimed and traded, if allowed, status of your issued NFTs
Digital and in-person workflows
Eventhough NFTs are digital in nature, NFTs can also be linked to in-person events and other offline workflows.
Direct and offline integrations
perkmint is integrating new providers to make rewards programme management easier while also allowing for in-house offline solutions
Branded surfaces
Client facing surfaces, such as transaction notifications and portal, can be designed to match your unique branding.

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